A chat with Li: TRY BEFORE YOU BUY

Shopping 101: buy from places where you can get samples

When you try first, your decision is backed by actual experience, save your money and spend with purpose.

Autor’s own — the SAMPLE of the samples

I recently started shopping at SPACENK, I have known the store/ brand for a handful of years as I used to work directly opposite one of their stores in Oxford Circus. I used to love checking out their products but thought that skin care was something only my Mother needed to worry about. Little did I know about the power of skin care, until I came across Tata Harper and wanted to try out their ‘Daily Essentials by Tata Harper’ set and couldn’t find it anywhere.

It was out of stock everywhere I checked, until I clicked on the SPACENK website for the first time in my life, and there it was, my opportunity to open a new door to the face care routine world. While this article isn’t about Tata products, I must say that investing in them was a life changing experience.

I am not here to promote SPACENK, but if you have ever contemplated purchasing from the store and / or website, some of the other perks when you shop with them are:

  1. You gain points when you shop, just like with BOOTS which always comes in handy.
  2. The points are converted into ££ which you can use towards other purchases.
  3. Free standard UK delivery on orders over a particular threshold, if you buy in bulk or purchase expensive items this is a golden opportunity as delivery can be quote pricey in the U.K.

And the most important of all, hence this article, you receive samples with your purchases. At this point I am not sure if it’s with all of your purchases, while I have received with all of mine so far, I cannot guarantee that this is always the case.

The sample that made me write this piece, was the ‘The Rich Cream’ by Augustinus Bader, once again while the purpose of this piece isn’t to advertise any business and / or products, I will share my personal results from trying out this particular sample.

Prior to receiving the Rich Cream, I did not know that the brand existed or that there was a product like this in the market, while I am not one to try multiple products or search for skin care routine recommendations I was pleasantly surprised with this particular product.

And no, I have no intention of letting go of Tata I literally just started building my collection, but may add Augustinus to my night routine instead. I love samples, I really do, and love this one because after 2 weeks of using it every morning after washing my face, I benefited from the following:

  1. My skin felt hydrated and moisturised for longer
  2. Had a glow for longer
  3. Reduced the patches of flaky skin on my forehead

If you are starting or are already changing things up to adapt to your new FIRE lifestyle, you already know that saving is key, and that’s with everything, even with your skin care routine. While you don’t need to be an extreme minimalist, or compromise greatly on your toiletries, you do have to plan ahead and avoid spending on new products as much as possible. Hence shopping where you can get samples, is beyond beneficial, you can try any product without spending a penny.

Trying a sample is more than just trying something for free, it’s about making a decision on a potential future investment, it’s about mindfully taking time to research if a particular product and brand match your values, and requirements.

It also gives the company the opportunity to hear from those who have nothing to lose, by exposing themselves in order to receive free customer feedback.


  1. Write a list of products you would like to try
  2. Find stores/ brands that can send you a sample before you buy

There are websites that specialise in providing free samples for the exchange of a review, you can receive anything from cleaning products, toiletries, foods from new brands, snack boxes, clothes from new brands, and many other goods. You will be just like an influencer getting free stuff, minus the long hours of writing a script, filming and editing the vlog before you post it. Some brands are happy to provide you with enough samples to last you a few weeks, to give you enough time to try the products and write a real review. Now imagine how much that will save you, when you stop contemplating the possibility of getting some free samples which can do 2 things for you, 1 help you save and 2 introduce you to new brands, make sure to go get your samples.

If you don’t want the trouble of writing reviews, simply look for places where you can get samples before you purchase the item or get samples with your purchases.

Providing new potential customers with samples, is beneficial to any company as that’s how they build rapport with you and build brand loyalty if you like the product and decide to return to buy it in full size. On some occasions you can even write to companies directly, go on their websites if you still can’t go out due to the pandemic.

Happy saving, happy shopping

Not a seasoned writer, just a human doing this thing called life. *** My motto: Filling up my cup, so I can overflow into yours

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