I told him, he makes my oyster melt

Words of love and desire

It’s in the way he looks at me, the way he caresses my skin and kisses my both sets of lips

I wasn’t meant to be there
But there was a bet, and I cared
Tick tock, went the clock; ready to leave
Until I looked across the room, and couldn’t believe
What my eyes saw, and how it made my pearl swell

From the moment I laid my eyes on him, I knew
He was the one I longed for, the one to make me melt
Here I was, unable to articulate how I felt
For a man, who suddenly coloured my life with a different hue
The feeling of desire for him, was clearly overdue

Until him, I didn’t know what I was missing
Standing in front of him, I found myself yearning, craving
For a love so pure, so real
He had to be mine, that was my wish
This man, who had my body hankering
Eyes beaming
Heart healed

His smile was golden
I was quiet, but at any moment I was jubilant to hold him
That he knew; to me he meant more than just a few moments
His voice, his eyes
The bet without a doubt was my good omen
We spoke, using different mediums
Met for coffee, was I in delirium

We are compatible
The exchanges, so relatable; the lust palpable
I wanted him, badly
As the months went on, we knew it was ours to have
I was falling for him, deeply
He wanted me; sadly, he couldn’t have me
It was too soon, he felt
To the recent break up, he was looking back
Searching for answers, begging for clues
Was he right to move on, with me for good

Does time really go fast, when two are having fun
It’s been nearly two years, for these lovers
Back then when we gave in, and embraced each other
We couldn’t run
It was time to embrace one another
He held me close, felt my warmth
Was he ready to give up his freedom, for my love
I was single, I was free, but I was sure I adore him
My body like the ocean
Carries an oyster filled with emotion
It was soaked with need
Waiting for the right time to gain his heed

It splashed with love, hungry for his body
The way I felt, it was clear, he wasn’t just anybody
My love, my dear, this was the man I wanted
How much more, did I need to be clear
The one I will take care of, the one I cherish
This is the man, I want to marry

When I looked deep in his eyes
I saw the man I deserved
This people, isn’t something money can buy
The universe observes
Two lovers embracing real love
With my oyster getting moister
I welcome the new year with joy and laughter

He is worth every drip, every wave, every shake
He knows it, he knows with his eyes he can make me unbuckle my belt

Really, from the first day, he knew he made my oyster melt

Not a seasoned writer, just a human doing this thing called life. *** My motto: Filling up my cup, so I can overflow into yours

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