Adopting the mindset of a millionaire (1)

The list:

  1. Change the way you view money
  2. Expand your knowledge
  3. Improve your vocabulary
  4. Reduce your liabilities
  5. Increase your assets
  6. Live on less but focus on quality
  7. Know what you are saving for
  8. Have multiple streams of income

The Strategy

Change the way you view money

Money needs to flow…

Words of love and desire

It’s in the way he looks at me, the way he caresses my skin and kisses my both sets of lips

I wasn’t meant to be there
But there was a bet, and I cared
Tick tock, went the clock; ready to leave
Until I looked across the room, and couldn’t believe
What my…


I must say, living the overflowing inbox life isn’t the most exciting thing, but organising it in a way that makes it simpler to deal with, has its perks.

To reduce your 9–5 stress, you will need to minimise the reasons why you need to work overtime to stay on top of your workload. For some this may mean better e-mail inbox management.

As a Surveyor who specialises in day to day property management I get cc’ into everything…


Here I am learning about F.I.R.E. while exploring all possible ways to save more and more, everyday, while finding ways to continue reducing my expenditures.

Disclaimer: the sharing of experience and opinions in this article should not be construed as financial advice; always seek professional advice in business and with money!

To make money you must do things differently, to make a lot of money, you must think differently.

To keep it simple you must…


Learning about F.I.R.E. while exploring ways to reach financial freedom in a country where everything is expensive

I was going to start by sharing that one day while I was in Tower 42 on one of the upper floors looking at the Gherkin building up close, I looked across the river saw the Canary Wharf buildings and said, “one day I am going to live there”. …


Returning to the office full time is no longer an escape from annoying partners and loud children, it is now a chore, and one most want to stay away from. Personally, I will be happy with a balanced approach to work.

For those who remember back in 2007 and 2008, Metro shared two pieces about flexible working. …


I have started my Hermès journey, at least this is what everyone calls it, a journey. I have stepped into the other side, the side where everything is wrapped with shiny ribbons and bagged in expensive paper bags, with perfumed wrapping paper.

“The realisation of a dream is limited by nothing but the imagination” Hermès

I have completed a few purchases this year, excluding my lipsticks, nail polish, soap, and perfume, I am now the proud owner of an Oasis pair of Sandals, a scarf, 2 belts and an Étoupe mini-Kelly bracelet…


I was a perfume collector in my teens and early twenties, today, I am simply someone who appreciates scents that help me tell my story.

Fragrances are meant to be timeless, while they can vary between seasons you should be able to go back to them as you evolve and grow.

While some love the smell of rain on grass, others the smell of the ocean, some dream about jasmine and roses; scents are everywhere…

Christmas For Adults

Is it too early to think about Christmas? Maybe, too early to shop for Christmas? Possibly too early to buy Christmas presents that won’t be used until after the celebrations are over. Or is it a case of doing what you want for you, just because?

I have recently changed my approach to skin care, and what nobody told me is that once you start learning about texture, scents, acids, liquids, sprays, and creams, you realise or even accept that you knew and know nothing about skin care. Well, I, don’t. …


When coming “home” turns into go back to your country. I guess abuse and racism don’t end, they are just muffled for a few seconds until certain humans are let loose.

It was a great game, 2 brilliant teams putting their best foot forward.

The country went wild, in a good way, numerous posted “it’s coming home” and great messages about the players.

For any outsider you would think this is a great discrimination free country, I mean we must have…

LiWithoutE 🍫

Not a seasoned writer, just a human doing this thing called life. *** My motto: Filling up my cup, so I can overflow into yours

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